on tour

on tour during the season 2023/24:

Dandelion Boy (in swiss-german dialect)

Marionka, wo bisch? (english version possible)

Joggeli wott nid … (in german)

Stivalino – Puss in Boots (in english)

street performances:

Marionka – la petite marionnette aka Angelito Blues (universal language)

Knüsis Meadow-Circus (in english)

Dandelion Boy

a springtime story Concept, direction, puppets + performance: Michael Huber for family-audience from 4 years The play can only be performed in Swiss-German ...
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Marionka, wo bisch?

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Die Theaterversion von “Marionka” ist ein humorvolles, musikalisches und unterhaltsames Figurenspiel für Familienpublikum ...
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Joggeli wott nid …

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Ein Figurenspiel für Gross und Klein (ab 4 Jahren) nach dem Bilderbuch “Joggeli ...
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Stivalino – Puss in Boots

Direction: Margrit Gysin Puppets and performance: Michael Huber Dramaturgy: Irene Beeli Contact: Yvonne Guldimann   for family audiences (5 years and older)   A pair of boots, ...
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Marionka, la petite marionnette

“Marionka, the little puppet” aka “Angelito Blues” is a humorous, poetical and musical puppet show in gibberish language for all ...
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Knüsis Meadow-Circus

A street show for all ages played with string and rod puppets and live-music Puppets and performance: Michael Huber Viola d’amore et ...
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