Puppet theatre

The touring company “Figurentheater Michael Huber“ understands that every performance is an inclusive activity for both audience and performer.

The creations use all different manipulation techniques of puppetry: such as glove; string; shadow or rod-puppets and object theatre. The manipulation technique as well as the construction material of the puppets are carefully adapted to enhance the theme of each show.

This allows for the organic development of interplay between the animator and the puppet. The performances fascinate children and reach the hearts of grown-ups too, making them the perfect environment for a family audience.

An ideal audience would naturally include school classes: these children (in this case of similar age, but mixed from different familiar and/or cultural background) know each other well freeing them to be inspired by one another.

The company is seeking to continually enhance connections with other fields of the arts, with a strong focus on the interplay between puppet theatre and music.