Michael Huber founded his touring company 1985 as “Puppentheater und Musik” together with his brother, the musician Tobias Huber (violin and mandolin). Together they realized 2 creations. “Knüsis Meadow-Circus” was conceived as a street performance, it is – after presentations on many stages and festivals – still in the current program.

Later several solo-works were realised and the company name changed into “e Tropfe-n-uf e heisse Schtei”. However, particularly abroad, the name transformed into astounding word creations and caused confusion. This led finally to the actual name “Figurentheater Michael Huber”.

Until now 23 creations have been realized, 2 of them without words, a new street performance using an invented language and all the others in Swiss German and German. Versions in other languages were realized for 8 plays in French, 6 in English, 2 in Spanish and one in Italian. The company has participated at international puppet theatre festivals in 18 countries throughout Europe, Asia and and South America.