Bobelog – Why are the Stars dancing?

Puppet and object theatre without words

for all ages from 5 years

Direction: Christian Zehnder
Performance, puppets and scenography: Michael Huber
Performance, costumes: Suzanne Nketia
Assistance to the direction: Alexandra Beate Rosmus
Contact: Sarah Schoch

A table, a woman, a man and the little Bobelog, puppet, child. – But who is this boy? He would like to have a friend so dearly, he imagines great voyages trough the universe and creates of his everyday world a space with no limits. Bobelog invents a magic galaxy full of mysteries and surprises: the camping stove becomes a spaceship and Bobelog takes off from the edge of the table into the space …

Michael Huber and Suzanne Nketia have found in Christian Zehnder, musician and director for experimental theatre, an ideal partner to explore new ways for the perspective of their vision of a theatre with objects largely independent from words.