on the road with Circus Huketi

A puppet theatre without words for family audiences ( 5 years and older)

directed by: Ueli Bichsel
performers: Suzanne Nketia and Michael Huber

A small, very special circus is putting up its tent today: the hammer is the director, the work gloves are the clowns, the night watchman has to work all day, the lady is doing her hair, and a puppet is swinging on the trapeze. – And then the show begins! … will the boy “Rag” ever succeed?

We have developed a circus fairy tale that tellls, without words, the story of a circus company in distress, bringing many different characters to life in various stories. The puppet show follows the characters from circus arrival to departure, evoking a timeless atmosphere in which the audience can tune into the changing moods of circus life. Sometimes the action on stage is funny, poetic, cheeky or simply beautiful. Fascinated children and grown-ups watch the tent first rise and then be brought to life.

We invite the audience to let themselves be touched by our play and enjoy this “Circus Huketi“.