Princess Raven

Adaptation from the Grimm fairy tale „The raven“
Direction: Eun Young Kim Pernelle
Puppets and performance: Michael Huber
for all ages from 5 years

The raven says: “I am a princess by birth and I was enchanted, but You can rescue me.” – “What shall I do?” asked the man …

All the time during our creation of the performance we let us guide by respect: respect to the fairy tale on one side, respect to the children of our present time on the other. The story is told by a storyteller with simple objects as carriers of sense. The characters are made from branches and roots, a bush of feathers from a crow represents the raven and grape juice is served in a small glass. Speech, movement, simple melodies and the suggestif power of interpretation join to give life to this story in its archaic form.

By performing this fairy tale, we wish to give hope and confidence to the audience: even when one missed all three chances, not everything ist lost.