Stivalino – Puss in Boots

Direction: Margrit Gysin
Puppets and performance: Michael Huber
Dramaturgy: Irene Beeli
Contact: Yvonne Guldimann


for family audiences (5 years and older)


A pair of boots, a sack to pull tight, this strange name ‘Carabas’, the cheeky trick with the stolen clothes … and then the encounter with the great magician that was said to be an ogre: how the cat succeeded to guide his poor miserable master to a wealthy life, yes, this is really a fairy tale. – How did things happen when taking the bath in the lake in those days? Both are they here today, the cat and his master he made to be a king. Today they revive together the old stories and rejoice in remembrance of so many successful cunnings.

The fairy tale tells us about the power, that can grow from confidence into intuition. Under the direction of Margrit Gysin, Michael Huber seeks in this narrative puppet play a close emotional contact with the audience. With the trumpet he draws little musical sketches to underline the mood of the story.