My Philosophy of Puppet Theatre

“The story emerges in the imagination of every person in the audience. Stimulations are given throughout the performance on stage to allow these painstakingly created artworks to take on life in the collective concentration of the audience.”

“My theatre for family audience performs multi-level creations that go in depth and keep at the same time close to the child – also to the child inside us grown-ups. I search for a lively resonance and I value respect, the importance of the moment and a future worth living in.”

“My puppet theatre work is based on emancipation, that understands theatre (other than many contemporary theatre forms) not as a tool to disillusion, shock or animate, but to give the audience an opportunity to meet themselves, be they small, tall, demanding, intellectual, critical, romantic or curious. The theatre for family audience is a special form of popular theatre brought on stage with an artistic ambition, an avant-garde that refuses to be restricted to an elitist audience.”