Where is the Future in Theatre?  

Puppet theatre is rooted in sustainability. This involves a central element an appreciation for children and an engagement with them. That they can grow into per their individual natures as free and undisturbed as possible. This begins naturally with an appreciation of one’s own childhood. Ariane Mnouchkine answers in an interview the question…. What should participants in a two-week workshop take with them:

“They shall increase their longing for theatre. Shall understand that they must not do, but listen. Shall listen to the child inside them, shall have the courage to withstand the cynicism, withstand the nights in which one smokes and discusses abstract ideas, but does not talk about beautiful things worth living for. If one only talks about it, the theatre doesn’t exist anymore. The participants of the workshop will leave with an entitlement to their childhood, and this is already a not irrelevant heritage.” (Josette Féral (Ed.): Ariane Mouchkine & das Théâtre du Soleil, Alexander Verlag, Berlin 2003)