Angelito Blues

“Angelito Blues” aka “Marionka – la petite marionnette” is a humorous, poetical and musical puppet show in gibberish language for all ages (inspired from the picturebook without words ‘La petite marionnette’ by Gabrielle Vincent)

Direction: Matthieu Rauchvarger
Puppets and performance: Michael Huber
Contact: Yvonne Guldimann

On the street, in a park starts a show: Theatre Minim is here. – Does the old puppeteer just follow his memories? – Where does the boy come from who gets the best place in the audience? – Will Marionka be able to save herself from the wolf?

… und suddenly everything takes a completely unexpected turn.



june 2017: award for outstanding creativity for “Angelito Blues” during the 2nd International Puppet Theatre Festival in Nanchong, China